The Achievements board keeps track of your progress in the app. It highlights the badges you have earned and the challenges you have enrolled in while learning a language.

The board displays the Language, the Archer, and Marathoner badges. The Archer shows the accuracy of your learning and the Marathoner your streak consistency.


Language Badge

  • Calculates the number of words you have learned and keeps track of them for every language you are learning.
  • Hidden words are not included in this record.

Archer Badge

  • To earn the Archer badge, only sessions with 100% accuracy are counted. If you answer all questions correctly, it will earn you badge points.
  • If any answers are deemed incorrect during a session, they will not count towards earning the Archer badge. Nevertheless, these wrong answers will also not lower your current point total.

Marathoner Badge

  • The Marathoner badge shows your daily streaks reached.



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