Invite a friend to Drops

Invite friend is an option that allows you to share your previous and current record alongside the achievements for all your learning languages with one or more friends.



To invite a friend:

  • Open your Drops app
  • Go to your profile screen
  • Tap on the “invite friend” button and select the preferred way for sharing the invite link (Messages; More options, based on the apps that are available on your device)
  • When your friend receives the invite link, they’ll have to click on it and follow the instructions to become your new Drops’ friend
  • Once your friend has completed the instructions on the invite link, you will be able to see each other’s current streak record, previous record and achievements for all the languages you both are learning
  • You can find the list of your friends on the profile tab

    To remove one of your friends go to your profile screen, tap on the friend’s name you want to remove and then select unfriend.


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