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Drops is glad to see so many of you are submitting requests for subscriptions! Our small, close-knit team has been working tirelessly to keep this program running and get all requests for memberships processed.

All users will need to fill out the form appearing on the below link and it will be added to our database in order to send out the free subscriptions.

Please, be aware that by starting a free trial, you will automatically be charged after a week. Only requests that come through the form from the above web page will receive a personal code to activate a free subscription.

Have you filled in your request form but haven't received any message from us yet?

Once you have submitted the request form, please allow up to five business days for the promo code to be sent to your email address. Remember to regularly check your inbox and also keep an eye on your spam folder to stay on top of all your incoming emails.

Are you having issues redeeming your promo code?

- Each code can only be redeemed once. After receiving the promo code, make sure you log into the Drops app using the same login method you previously used during registration, especially if you use multiple devices.
- Make sure you type the full promo code received, including the "DROPS-" part.

Please note that if your yearly gifted code is about to expire, it will be automatically extended until the 1st of March 2024.



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